Fire on a Sunday Night

After running the Bridge to Brews 10K in the morning (over the Fremont Bridge!), it was fun to get together for an early season BBQ and fire at Taylor’s place. He’s made huge progress on his firepit area!

(Thanks to Dad for taking the second picture.)

Thanks a bunch……

I want to really thank my family and friends who have been supporting me during my recent convalescence. While I still have a way to go for recouvery, I can now start thinking about my motorcycle riding future.

The insurance company has deemed to” total loss”the motorcycle. The payoff will not be close for what is needed to replace the motorcycle it would be extremely hard for me to accept another bike that is less what I had. The question is will and how much more money would be required to replace the motorcyle. So, maybe my riding days are over as finances may not be there to replace money lost.
Again, I m healing physically and hope toheal   emotionally as well. Thanks again for all the well wishes and cards over the last couple of weeks.

 It really means a lot.
Love, Mark

Marathoner Mom and her Indomitable Daughter

Earlier this month, Mom and I completed the Portland Marathon. I’ve written a race recap on my blog, but here are some photos of us.

Selfie at the St. Johns Bridge!

Selfie at the St. Johns Bridge!

Thanks to Jason, Dad, Taylor, Grandma and Aunt Linda for cheering us on! It really made a difference and kept our spirits up. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.




My sister and I made a plan to train for and complete a RunDisney 5k. This has been a several month undertaking. While we both have/had medical issues that at times threatened to derail our plans,we were determined to stay the course. Well we did it!

I have to thank Kallen for keeping vigilant in keeping up all things RunDisney. For the motivation,registration, and general enthusiasm.

To Lisakaren—- thanks for all the support,believing in me, and finally, the many hours( sometimes late into the evening) that she worked on our outfits.

And to my sister Sandra who provided me with a reason to keep going!

Love and peace, Mark 


Taylor in UGG boots

I just felt the need to share with you all the rare and unexpected sight of Taylor wearing UGG boots.

Photos taken March 8. hHe did buy shoes, just not this pair.

So in case you were ever wondering, apparently Nordstrom sometimes carries Men’s Uggs in size 17.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I just thought you might like to see the humble beginnings of the rad little red wagon with twice pipes. I found it in a pile of discarded junk behind an abandoned old house that was slated to be torn down and replaced with what is now a nursing home. Loving hands spent hours sanding away the rust and rebuilding it into the little gem it is today.  He added twice pipes with a chuckle. And Mark found the spare tire which added another fun feature.  Thanks Bill, and you too Mark. It served me well for years as a book and magazine and plant holder. Now it has a new home in Taylor’s new house. Live on little red wagon.


Christmas Vacation viewing

Was the movie funny or were we?

We had a lot of fun and the costumes were terrific. Right out of the movie, good job!

Too bad the photography wasn’t. In spite of my camera lens not working I was able, with the family’s help, to get a couple of fun shots. I posted all of them if you want to look at them.

IMG_2929    DSC_8566   DSC_8562  DSC_8576  DSC_8568

But this last one for me shows how the whole evening went.


Thanks Lisa and Mark for hosting and everyone who participated.